“A wonderful album from a wonderful friend." John Jackson (1924-2002)

"Frank Fotusky should be a major name in country blues. Eventually he will be, but for now he has achieved cult status, armed with a great repertoire and fantastic chops and feel. And, like fine whiskey, he takes the blues, plays it smooth and then has that bite that lets you know this is the real deal." James Reams (Producer, Good Coffeehouse Music Parlor, now in its 35th year of roots music concerts) 2009

"...the spirit of Rev. Gary Davis lives on in Frank's music." Otto Bost-Host - Acoustic Eclectic - 88.1 & 93.9FM WDIY FM Allentown, PA

"Frank Fotusky's handling of the country blues is kinda like a burlap sack made with silk instead of jute. It's that old familiar weave, that old familiar shape. But damn, it sure is smooth. Or to vary my metaphor, the genuine article viewed through a very clean pane of glass." Peter James, Promoter 2005

"Frank's got the touch, an amazing Acoustic Blues guitarist, singer, songwriter, not only his own material but very much in the vein of Paul Geremia... Honors the early acoustic blues and the myriad of legendary players who precede us in the history of the blues." Chris Darling, Host - Us Folk- WMPG 90.9 & 104.1FM Portland, ME 2009 REVIEWS

Frank Fotusky brings us the beautiful guitar and voice record "Teasin' the Frets." Thirteen heartfelt cuts like Blind Boy Fuller's RED RIVER BLUES, I'M SO GLAD, and the Rev. Gary Davis' GREAT CHANGE played and sung with care and emotion. Double service award for covering great songs and writing great stuff, too. Best Cut: MUMBLETYPEG, an original fingerpicker with a porch swing feel. Lovely. BLUES REVUE-JAN/FEB 2000-ED IVEY

....offers a sparkling guitar sound on fine Piedmont-style blues and rags....Fotusky's clean finger draws you in and projects the music-which would be somber in other hands-out. BLUES ACCESS #40-WINTER 2000-HOME BREW-BILL KISLIUK

....Well played, sung and produced. BLUES ACCESS #40-WINTER 2000-NEW RELEASES (A ROOSTER PICK)

...Fotusky picks fluently and strums with a reserved and yet dramatic hand. Combined with a richly textured vocal character, Frank concentrates on pre-WWII acoustic blues. With tunes from Blind Boy Fuller, Skip James,...Fotusky adds three of his own well-penned originals. The mix aims to hold to tradition, and that Fotusky does. His forte here shines through as he wrings and lets sing each note off the strings, and the resonance is rewardingly beautiful. There are some intricate rags, tender ballads, hardy instrumentals and dirt-diggin' cuts like THE GRAVEROBBER. With best wishes from his mentor John Jackson, and now this reviewer, this rewarding listen should garner accolades and awards. This is a player that would be welcomed on any porch, front or back! BIG CITY BLUES-FEB/MAR 2000 5 HAT RATING-MARK A. COLE

"If like myself you adore the finger-picking of early Larry Johnson, John Jackson with a smattering of Roy Book Binder, Paul Geremia, and Paul Rishell then this CD belongs in your player.... His wooden box resonates with a crispness that though dead-eyed in accuracy never becomes clinically sterile.... Lets get him over here, apart from having a welcome change in the familiar visitors this guy has a lot to offer.

“The release of Frank Fotusky's second CD, 'Meet Me In the Bottom,' only confirms what many of us have known for years: that Frank is one of the premier acoustic blues stylists in the nation. Frank has studied the masters—from Rev. Gary Davis and Blind Willie McTell to Robert Johnson and Bo Carter—but he's no mere imitator. His inventive arrangements, splendid picking and soulful singing make for the complete blues package.” ” - Ian Zack

— 'Say No To The Devil -The Life and Musical Genius of Rev. Gary Davis.

Meet Me In The Bottom' is the first release for some years from New Jersey acoustic picker Fotusky. With echoes of his first album, 'Teasin' The Frets', Fotusky positively rips along here with simply stunning guitar mastery and an eclectic mix of material opening with Bo Carter's 'Who's Been Here', moving through Jelly Roll's classic 'Windin' Boy Blues', some Robert Johnson, Leroy Carr, Willie McTell, Gary Davis, among others, and the album title track from Bumble Bee Slim. Fotusky also includes a handful of self-written originals to good effect. This is without doubt a top-dollar album, bursting at the 13-track seams with superb old-style acoustic ragtime-blues fretwork on both six and twelve-string guitars, and fine vocal accompaniment. Make no mistake, this guy is one Helluva guitar picker and this is an album that works really well in every way and at every level. Fotusky, sadly, seldom if ever appears to range outside of the USA. Hopefully, this offering will bring him and his music to a wider audience and maybe push him into taking to the European road some time soon. This is a guy well worth catching and this release is a rewarding bit of traditional acoustic blues picking of absolutely the highest order. Highly recommended, for sure. NOTE: Frank Fotusky lives in Portland, Maine” - Iain Patience ” - Cash Box Magazine, Canada- Meet Me In The Bottom- Album Review